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Artist Christian Stanley

It can be frustrating trying to plan a project and not finding pricing listed on websites. The truth is, every project is unique in its costs and so prices for mural art and installation will vary widely depending on a number of factors. 


In this line of work there is no definitive industry standard, so pricing can vary widely based on who you contact. With that in mind, I’ve listed out a few factors that we take into account when calculating an estimate for a project. 


Square Footage:

This is where we come up with a base for projects and you will find that most muralists price in a per square foot model. While some professions charge for their time by the hour, this would not be ideal for an experienced muralist. If you are good at what you do, you get quicker at it. 

Equipment Rental:

While we have ladders and paint sprayers of our own, we will rent lifts for projects that have us spending time in high up spaces. 


Wall Surface and Access to the Wall:

Things that we consider when evaluating a wall surface are:

Does the wall need to be sealed first? (Example: raw concrete)

Sandblasted? (Example: previous paint chipping and flaking away)

Presurewashed? (Example: mold/mildew, dirt)

Is the surface stucco or have a high degree of texture on it? These surfaces require more paint for good coverage and increase the supply cost.


Design Time: 

A certain amount of design time is expected, along with revisions. When a project exceeds a certain number of revisions, we have to charge more for the time being spent. At present our contracts incorporate two rounds of revisions before extra cost is added. About 95% of jobs we take on are able to operate within the given revisions, without extra cost. 


Artist Skill Level:

We all know a guy. Sometimes we hear about a client’s sister’s cousin’s niece who took an art class and painted a mural. If their price is better, and your budget is the #1 concern, we would suggest going with them. Just keep in mind you get what you pay for. Our price takes into account the demand for our services, which is a testament to the quality of work we are known for. 


We know that you will be happy with the end result of projects we work on together because we have the skills and the expertise to create a beautiful work of original art that is expertly installed. Is your muralist insured? Do they know the correct way to prepare a surface for increased durability? What products will they be using? While many people have some artistic talent, professional muralists will have already taken these things into account. 

The Current Cost of Supplies:

Prices of everything are in flux at the moment and that includes paint. Our prices adjust with the market. 


Travel Expenses:

If we are traveling out of town or out of state, we incorporate the travel expenses into the overall cost. 


The Bottom Line:

We have had to set certain parameters on the size of projects we take on. Our most limited resource is Christian’s time, and so we have to price according to demand. At this time we have a $3,000 minimum for projects in the Orlando area, $5,000 minimum for projects outside of town, and $10,000 for projects out of state. These are minimum starting points, and they are subject to change based on increased demand.  


If you are in need of design services only, different parameters may apply based on our availability. 


All that being said, we hope to work with you in the future. At this point in time we are booking 2-3 months out, so if you have a project you are interested in completing, it is never too early to hold your spot on the schedule. 


To get started you can follow the link below to give us some more information about your upcoming project. 


Thank you!

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