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You’ve looked through our portfolio and decided that a C.Stanley Creative mural will be the perfect addition to your space. Now what? 


Express your interest:

Fill out our contact form. We have some important questions on there that will help us understand your project or idea. We really need to know about your wall and timeline. Square footage helps us to figure out pricing. 

Getting to Know You:

We will email you back and most likely ask for more information and to schedule a call. We like to get  to know you and have an actual conversation about your project goals. At this point we are interested in seeing pictures of the space. Being able to see the wall texture and any potential obstacles is very helpful. 

The Numbers:

Once we have an idea about the size and scope of the work, we are able to more accurately give you an estimate of cost. If you find it agreeable and send back a deposit and signed the contract, the fun begins. 

Design Time:

We get to work concepting and designing. We will be in touch with rough sketches of concepts to see if we are heading in the right direction or if we need a re-route. Once a course is set, Christian works to dial in the design to be a closer representation to what will end up on the wall. This is a time of collaboration and there will be some emailing back and forth. 

Approval and Painting:

Once we land on a design that you approve of, we schedule when to begin. We gather up all of the supplies and get to work on site. Feel free to take pictures and post to social media about our process as we work. We love chatting with business owners and curious customers on site, so don’t be shy! Once complete, final payment is due. 

After the Fact:

If you find you’d like to purchase prints, posters, t-shirts, pins, etc. with the design on it, we can facilitate that for you and provide pricing quotes. If you want to go all out and purchase the licensing for the artwork, we are happy to discuss that as well. 


Ready to begin? Click here to get started

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