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Painting More Than a Pretty Picture:
Why Communities Need Public Art

Have you ever stopped to wonder why local governments, arts organizations, and community focused nonprofits sponsor public art? With a myriad of options for community improvement projects to choose from, street art just makes sense. Here are just a few ways in which public art has a positive impact on a community. 

A Mural Movement


1) Economic Growth


Public art is eye-catching by nature. In spotting a brilliantly colored, large scale work of art, passers-by are bound to slow down a bit and take it all in. Street art increases foot traffic, and thus benefits surrounding businesses. Works of public art slow people down in a positive way.


Additionally, research has shown that the aesthetics of an area are one of the top reasons people attach themselves to a community. Findings have shown that there is a significant correlation between community attachment and economic growth. 


Providing public art to an area helps establish community identity and voice, thus attracting and retaining engaged members of the community who are more likely to participate in community events and behave respectfully towards the community. 


You can view our sources and read more on the topic here: 


2) Public Art & Public Health


Art evokes emotion, and this holds true to art in public spaces. In appealing to our human spirit, art can decrease stress and anxiety in viewers. The impact of art on our health goes further than that. The following is an excerpt from the Public Health Post:


Patients in hospitals have been found to experience less anxiety, lower levels of pain, and faster healing after medical procedures when their hospital surroundings incorporated various forms of art…Public art’s ability to decrease stress, elicit awe, develop shared identity, reinforce self-efficacy, and promote positive health behaviors are clear public health impacts. 


To read more from this article here, and others discussing the positive impact public art has on community health, follow the links below: 

​3) Finding Common Ground


Public art promotes social cohesion and cultural understanding. According to the Americans for the Arts 2018 art public opinion poll, 73% of Americans agree that the arts “helps me understand other cultures better.”


In curating a collection of public art within a community, a collaborative narrative of cultural values can be conveyed in an aesthetically pleasing way, thus fostering a sense of togetherness and understanding. To read more from the study referenced, you can view the poll results here: 


With clear and tangible benefits for residents, incorporating public art into a community is a fantastic way to revitalize and strengthen an area into a place where people will happily spend their time. Take the first step with us by following the link below. 



"C Stanley Creative won the design contest for 'A Mural Movement's' 25th mural installation. There were 34 entries from across the United States, and his design won hands down. They made every part of the process smooth and convenient. We have worked with a number of artists over the last couple years, and C Stanley was as professional as it gets! Most people just see the final product or mural, what they don't see is the behind the scenes work and communication that goes into it. They simply made it easy. Their final product speaks for itself. Amazing. We have had several people tell us that their mural 'Sunflower State of Mind' is their favorite mural out of our 25. I would recommend them to anybody looking to add a mural, and I hope they are able to come back to Kansas for another one here!"

Brett Hubka

A Mural Movement

Clay Center, Kansas

Williston Mural.JPG

"From the outset it was clear that Christian's work and professional demeanor were in a class of their own. Throughout the proposal process, design development and execution, Christian was a pleasure to work with. Aside from being incredibly talented, he is an engaged and clear communicator which made the collaborative process flow smoothly. We hope to work with Christian again in the future."

Sara Culpepper

Walker Architects

Gainesville, Florida

"In 2021 Civic Icon Arts commissioned C. Stanley Creative to create a site-specific mural for the City of Inverness, FL.  Not being from the area, he did a lot of research to make sure his concept reflected the city’s character. Christian’s concept captured the both the spirit and the local attractions of Inverness. Christian arrived prepared for the installation, used high quality materials, and completed the mural before the deadline.  Part of this commission required him to be onsite during a local arts festival.  Anytime he interacted with the public he was kind, courteous, and drew them into the process of creating the mural.  The mural turned out beautifully and the community, as well as visitors, love to visit and use it for photo ops.  It was a pleasure working with Christian.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend him to anyone else considering his work."

Pamela Zee

Civic Icon Arts

Inverness, Florida


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Artboard 8CStanley-Creative-Logo_edited.jpg
Artboard 10CStanley-Creative-Logo_edited.jpg
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