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Inverness Mural
Close up mural
Blue Heron
Citrus Splash Inverness
Close Up Mural
Bass Mural Inverness
Christian at Work
Citrus Splash Mural
Orange Blossoms Mural
Blue Heron Mural
Bass Mural Inverness

Coach's Pub and Eatery
114 W. Main Street

22 x 60 ft

This mural was commissioned by the City of Inverness and was installed as a part of the first annual Inverness Festival of the Arts. The prompt was to create a design that embodied the spirit if Inverness. With ties to local wildlife and the bike trail, we came up with a design that did just that. The building owner loved the mural so much that he requested an extension of the original design, and the blue heron was then added, extending the mural further down the wall. 

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