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Diver in the Deep
Diver in the Deep
Diver in the Deep
Diver in the Deep

1800 E. Colonial Ave. 
Orlando, Florida 32803

12 x 25 feet

Completed in the Spring of 2022, this mural was a part of the Sam Flax Wall Mural Project. We were proud to be given the wall closest to the road (high visibility) and were happy to have the opportunity to make something a bit wild. We had been wanting to paint a deep sea diver for a while and decided to bring it to life on this wall. 


Our design features a vintage deep sea diver and a mer-horse (stylized similar to an antique carousel horse) catching one another by surprise deep under the ocean. Using brilliant colors of exterior acrylic and spray paint this project was completed in about a week's time. The Sam Flax Wall Mural Project rotates its murals out every few years, so be sure to go and see it before it is gone. 

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