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green lady face mural
Green lady close up
green lady close up 2
Paint Memphis
green lady paint memphis
close up mural green lady
green lady paint memphis

Scott Fabrics
2790 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN

25 x 30 feet

Completed in the Fall of 2022, this mural was a part of the Paint Memphis Mural Festival. We were proud to be given the opportunity to paint along side over 150 artists at this amazing creative gathering. 


Our design was inspired by the Celtic legend and imagery of the Green Man. We placed a twist on this idea and instead painted this figure of nature as a woman, symbolizing growth and rebirth. The plants depicted in the mural were species that we observed while hiking in Tennessee (Great Smokey Mountain National Park). Using brilliant colors of exterior acrylic and spray paint this project was completed in about five days. 

The mural is located on the back of Scott Fabrics, and can be accessed by the back parking lot at Society Memphis Skate and Coffee shop. 

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