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  • Humpback Whale:

This print, entitled Gentle Giant, captures the tranquility of a humpback whale diving deep. A symbol of resilience, these whales were once heavily hunted, but now their numbers are on the rise. Hang this 11"x14" artwork and be inspired by their peace and strength. This print was created as a part of a series focusing on native Florida wildlife, and is signed by the artist, Christian Stanley. 




A Note From the Artist:


“I have always been inspired by the sea. I grew up in Stuart, Florida which is a beachside community about an hour outside of Miami. The ocean and estuaries fascinated me from a young age, and I often sought different avenues to learn as much as I could about the coastal ecosystem. 


As an adult, I still frequently find myself in awe of the underwater natural world that lies right off of our sandy beaches. Anything, large or small, could be right below the surface, out of sight. I created this print as a peek into the underwater world, and the inspiring megafauna that can be found there. 

Humpback Whale Print 11"x14"

SKU: 003
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