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This 11x14” print features a red panda, native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. They are primarily found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, and Myanmar, and are frequently used as a symbol of conservation efforts due to their endangered status.


The brown background coloring in this piece was made with coffee tinted water, adding a unique depth and shading to the scene. This print is signed by artist Christian Stanley and will make an interesting conversation piece as a part of your art collection. 




Note from the Artist:


“This is one of the few prints that I have in which the original has been destroyed. Not intentionally, of course. In using the coffee water as paint, the artwork must have smelled too interesting to resist, and my studio companion and pup, Kimba decided she has to have a taste. 

I can’t blame her. After all, we all need our morning coffee. Now this piece only exists as a print and for a limited time. Proceeds will go towards pup cups”  

Red Panda Print 11x14"

SKU: 001
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